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Sisartaide II – Systerskap II

Min syster Kata och jag hade vår första gemensamma utställning 2004 och nu firade vi vårt 10 års jubileum i oktober med en gemensam utställning i samma galleri i Fredrikshamn.

My sister Kata and I had our first exhibition together 10 years ago. Now we celebrated that event with a new exhibition at the same gallery.

All my “blogs”

I have made several attempts to start a blog. Mainly beacause I have wanted to share my artwork. Sometimes because I thougt I would tell about my trips abroad. They have all been complicated to manage and so I tried a new version and a new version….

Here I am now with WordPress which seems easy enough to use. I made links to all my old blogs even if there arn’t many posts, but you can take a look if you like!


Mina bidrag till Ålands Konstförenings Erotik utställning på Fäktargubben 30.10-21.11.2014








Utställning i Fredrikshamn

Koko sortimentti

Nu finns mina “flaskor” utställda i Fredrikshamns biblioteksgalleri under tiden 11.9-5.10.2013.

These paintings will take part in an exhibition in Hamina, at the Library’s Art Gallery

My garden

Last summer´s exhibition (2012)

This is what I had on show at the art gallery in Koskisto last year. Här än några bilder av mina “kroppar” som var utställda på Koskiston Taidekeskus i Elimä, norr om Lovisa förra sommaren.

Mental vardagsträning

En bra dag startar med att tänka rätt.


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Almofate – Colours & Papers

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